The Settings Update

INFINIDLE UPDATE 1: The Settings Update


  • Added main menu
  • Added new unlimited mode, with no daily words or limit (accessed from menu)
  • Removed difficulty increase/curve
  • Added guess counter displaying how many guesses you have remaining
  • Added share button which shows text which can be copied with keyboard shortcuts when on a computer
  • Added settings menu
    • Colour-blind mode toggle - When enabled, an alternate colour scheme is used in gameplay.
    • Hard mode toggle - Any revealed hints must be used in subsequent guesses (same as Wordle hard mode)
    • Difficulty increase toggle - Less and less guesses will be awarded over time
    • Harder starts toggle - When enabled, the previous two guesses will carry over as starting words, instead of the previous one.
    • Game length dropdown - Lets you choose how many words you will have to guess before the game ends - good if you don't have enough time to play a full game that could go forever.
  • The game kind of works on mobile now - everything is still pretty small and hard to use though
  • Game now acts properly when daily word timer reaches 0

Leave any other suggestions for possibly a future update here or in the discussion board!


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Apr 13, 2022

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